Yahoo Finance: Jeanie Ahn debunks five common car insurance myths.

Author: Yahoo
Video Title: 5 car insurance myths that are costing you
Description: Yahoo Finance's Jeanie Ahn debunks five common car insurance myths.

Narration / Text Script of five common car insurance myths:
and gas prices continue to remain to love more drivers and more cars are hanging around the isn't the chance of car is hitting each had a huge am I to collision and one of you know how your car insurance as protecting you so sure the crash course on
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on what fat face than fiction he's probably heard the rumor that Reichardt costs more to ensure that the other colors of the popular myth that hearing Sharon were likely to the little color of the car driving what does drive up the price of your pre
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the investor driving record as knowledge or cars in the guano engine light ties and safety features so you can expect to pay more for as for five birth of they'd and i think you're going pyramid like Christ that polluter all up in that
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on the right thing to in and i wanted to pay less based on your age and Elaine's in your life because premiums go down with it that live that guy driving record, on the other hand, the highest paid to this by fifteen to twenty-year-old
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than twenty-one twenty-four and then they can see into Robin tell you about seventy now how has cars agent at the play with new recently used every health card could be laughed at and then to ensure because they caught last to Connor five tickets on
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the list of priors that Queensland Leon who could still the high command most popular car is among car thieves in the kind of cards and they have a chance for ancient land and to a camera is that the winner
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often tedious but warns drivers than that but that bash a father lived through that one I generally stayed for the less aggressive driver is that man so while we healthy of banner barriers that may have more serious accident hours a day
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a tactic which means we had to bail out for car insurance another common misconception and that the flaw in the car humiliation on the combat vehicles is a risk here in Italy one of quality materials and I just thought
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whites as Indiana to collision considering a compact car that the top say today can lead is the folks back into heads to roll as long as attorneys and highness the next Harman from the highest rated other ways to save on current sure
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and the shop around for at least a week was filled out your credit score and don't be so fast and furious the Kremlin can steer clear of car insurance that's you can say now I get it
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there's all lot of misinformation out there when it comes to auto insurance here are a few common made some meat and Sharon's can help us about some companies provide pricing for six months policy while some provide the cost for a full year of coverage
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most items like laptops for small like products would actually be covered under your whole or renters call to reach out to your insurance company and asked them if you're covered what amiga if you have collision and all that the collision coverage on any of you
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corps you'll have that coverage on your rental car for more information or to get a quote from a neat insurance visit me that dot com
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