Here is an overview of health insurance that will help clear things up and give you a better sense of how your money is spent.

  • Author: Consumer Reports 
  • Video Title: Understanding Your Health Insurance Costs | Consumer Reports 
  • Description: Baffled by premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums? Here is an overview of health insurance that will help clear things up and give you a better sense of how your money is spent.

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the that you saw dean witter insurance plan to purchase and want to know that doesn't gonna cost twelve it's not so simple that sometimes i'm you pay money to your health and some
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times he insurance company pays money i'm not going to figure it all out there three main idea team of premiums that all this and out of pocket max and viennese impromptu this day when
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it's not it's hard to understand and she thanked the first premiums think of your insurance and the monthly membership to every month he paid the same amount in order to be a member of that i'm not sure premium or twenty
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premium say two hundred amman if you get some preventive care for bringing this includes care like vaccine does this mean for diabetes cholesterol and breast cancer of this character is covered by your premium but what
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you need more than just preventive care is if you need health service beyond preventive care illness is approaching leg emergency room visits to you usually need to pay extra to how much of
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oh that changes over time for the earth remains dangerous first you pay a band of your insurance to pay some continued hastened and finally your insurance pays everything
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so how's this for in the first stage at the beginning of the year of you pay for most of your health care until you reach your deductible remember that word of deductible for the don't trouble is the amount of money you have to pay for you
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here before the insurance company will share the costs so what say you deduct it despite the dollar is that neither almost every time you get health services you would hate for all those services are and two million paid in total of five
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two dollars it's like you're going up up up up once you've had enough to that that it so that you pay your whole deductible and everything changes then you get her into the second stage now every time you get health services
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the insurance company will share the cost of those services how much that depends on your planet usually you think part of the cost of these called cold case for car insurance and your insurance pays the rest
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but the second stage doesn't go on forever if you reach a certain amount that you won't have to pay for any services remember that bucket of every time you fill it with companies and po insurance your insurance companies
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keeping track if you feel that bucket up to the top of everything changes again but you enter stage three from this point on the insurance company pays up everything for the rest to be here that's right every dollar of your health sir
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just paid by your insurance company so what's the top of that but they called you out of context maximum this is the most money you will pay for your health care over an entire year it this so let's say you're out of
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not a maximum fifty thousand dollars back to you pay your five hundred dollar deductible can you take an additional fifteen hundred for various health services you can't you're out of pocket drugs and from then on you
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i'll pay up any more recovered health care services it's important enough of that every year but this starts over to next year you go back to states wants and needs to be here deductibles yet again
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let's review you pay a monthly premium to get in the glove and get money for it for this brick you pay the other services until you meet your deductible for ten new were insurance company sure the cost of health earth
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you think okay sparkling sure have been your insurance pays the rest until you hit it out of pocket maximum after that your insurance company pays everything was so how much does your insurance costs
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you will at least pay for your monthly premiums can't acknowledge that you will pay for your monthly premium thoughts get out of pocket maximum it all depends on the plan you choose to care that you and your family needs you can get
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three help the health care dot held us history teaches that land it's right for your time and that the of people
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