Explains health insurance and important insurance concepts, such as premiums, deductibles and provider networks.

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Discription: Brought to you by the Kaiser Family Foundation, this cartoon explains health insurance and important insurance concepts, such as premiums, deductibles and provider networks.
The video explains how individuals purchase and obtain medical care and prescription drugs when enrolled in various types of health insurance, including HMOs and PPOs.

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the hoof it and i home that advantages it at the thrill to bus now have health insurance
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under the of the hair out or what some people call obama care what many things in life to your health insurance can often be confusing and complicated whether you have insured for your high or you're new to the gang whether standing your pal
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she is important to your help and your wallet first things first few at usually prune of one hundred carefully and tell them like the table subscription fee can also think of it like a shared health care bill
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bank we all chip in each month even if we're helping show the money was there when we need it if you get insurance to work your employer probably pays most of your premium the rest comes out of your paycheck automatically when you have that now
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can you most likely don't have to placate them live all the federal government in your state take care of that that you're insured through a new health insurance market plunged depending on your income you may be eligible for tax credit that patient portion
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you're pretty the what you have that shiny new insurance card you want to try really hard to keep it in your wallet to better your odds estate opened be sure to take advantage of the prerogatives are measures that all the insurance plan
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provided that that would of course but what a stilled kelly and that's when the jurors really comes in handy the ill health insurance hopes alive but it doesn't mean that all your
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there's going to be free there lots of details about your insurance plan that affect how much you pay and who get sugar injured why are the few have medicaid lot of these services could very well be free father was the likelihood
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these something when you go to the doctor or bill prescription which is called the kobe windsor specific dollar amount or twenty five dollars per vision or co insurers which a percentage of the bill players also the deductible
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that's how much comes out of your own pocketbook for your insurance for strength that depending on your plan might have deductible for all your care where would only apply to some types of fear what hospital states and prescriptions the reader but the jury
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because you can add up to thousands of dollars that the other important part of your plan and you'd be out of pocket maximum this is the most you'll ever have to pay in any one year at least for the benefit chaplain coverage at turin sure
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or will play a hundred percent of anything beyond the maximum for the rest here are the they can be just as confusion dealing with prescription to plan has a list of broder will pay for called up for military but the prices barrett
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sure put your doctor or pharmacist because the generic road might pick you up the same as a brand name drugs to question which could be huge health show those of the cost to become involved to remember that they'll be affected
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and your insurance plans provider network has to list of doctors and hospitals that are connected to your plan insurance coverage negotiate this gals with these providers study and at work in the discount the patch to you too
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well i'm at work and you could end up paying full price which the remember that howard fineman it won't work if you go out and that we're in some plans like h. m. o.'s or he'd be owns your insurance would pay nothing you can go out of network
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you know to plunge like the brioche your insurance will cover you don't know where you go go pale lot more if you go out of network also if you will visit the specialist what can what the pillaged sometimes require a referral from you
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primary care doctor shall lose your love has sometimes staying in that work can be tricky see the hospital is possible that sure jim to be in that work while you're anesthesiologist is not that this happened to you
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don't be afraid to negotiate with your provider or fall on fuel which are unsure show is you can she there's a lot to think about when you choose an insurance plan each year some plans may have low premiums but fewer doctors or hospitals and hide docked
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bulge there are trade audition and understanding and choosing among plans isn't always easy remember if you have questioned call your health plan and asked or truck with your hospital or doctor if you still a question which your state insurance department
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or can sure assistance program can help that the affordable care act version of support for congeal issue shall take advantage of that having health insurance protection is a good thing especially when you know how it works we hope you're no better prepare
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