You need to train yourself for the ever changing world of work besides enhancing your skills. The most feasible solutions is continuing education.

Continuing Education? Why Is It Important?

Are you a digital media professional who is in the same job for years? Or do you find it too difficult to cope with constant advancements in digital media industry? No matter what the case is, there is a solution to your problems. You need to train yourself for the ever changing world of work besides enhancing your skills. And one of the most feasible solutions is continuing education.

The idea may sound bizarre or out of place when you hear it for the first time. I recommend you to sit down calmly for a moment and analyze the benefits. You will realize how continuing education can benefit you not only in your career but in all sectors of life. It can enormously benefit you professionally, but also has a positive impact on your psyche. You feel more active, young and enthusiastic. Plus you develop sustainable social networks.

Everything is Change

Take, for example, the case of Christina. Upon completing her post-secondary diploma, she got a job in a digital media company. She was very excited because digital was considered a stylish and glamorous industry. After spending three years in the same job, Christina realized that she got stuck in her job. Despite her hard work and dedication, she didn’t get promoted. And the new lot with higher education was being hired for advanced job profiles. When she tried to switch organizations, she was offered similar job profiles. Job market is fiercely competitive. Someone is always available to replace you.
“I was in the same job or three years. I badly needed a change. When I spoke to my supervisor during a performance review meeting, I realized that I was far behind even from the fresh graduates when it came to updated knowledge and skills. He said that digital was an ever-changing world. And someone would soon replace me if I didn’t do anything to elevate my skills.” Christina says when asked what made her take up an advanced course in interactive media management at Centennial College.

Nowadays, it has become important to acquire new skills and develop competencies to have a sustainable career. The job market is fiercely competitive and employers are keen on hiring professionals who are well educated, possess advanced skills and exhibit leadership qualities. So, in industries like digital media where innovations and advancements are a constant scene, you should be proactive in acquiring new skills.

Continuing education is great

Yes, Continuing education is great if you want to avail an alternative career opportunity.
“I’m now working as a user experience designer in a multimedia company in Toronto. Being at Centennial was an awesome experience. I developed a deep understanding of the tools from different perspectives. This program helped me obtain fundamental skills in user experience planning through wire framing, practical coding, A/V production and content structure analysis for digital platforms.” Christina says.
“I was tired of being in the same job for years. I wanted to switch my career. And this program gave me an opportunity to explore various career paths that this industry offered and choose the one that best suited my interests.” She adds.
Like Christina took an unusual step to boost her career, you can also identify your options and prepare to enroll into this advanced course.