The Hidden Dangers Lurking In Your Office

Tell someone who works in a regular office environment that they could be in danger of serious injury every day and they’ll end up chucking into their morning coffee. After all, a stuntman is a dangerous job; working indoors isn’t. Right? Wrong.

The reality is that many people come a cropper in the office each year – with the cause of injury being usually an item that on the face of it, would appear to be totally harmless.

So, prepare to meet 10 dangerous items to watch out for in your office…

One of the biggest causes of office injuries every year is a trip or stumble due to flooring. Usually the culprit is either a slippy floor due to over polishing or spilled liquids or an unexpectedly uneven floor due to raised or worn carpeting or carpet tiles.

Sitting is something we do without thinking. Yet, it’s amazing how many people report injuries due to a chair-related injury. This is commonly due to bad posture causing chronic back or neck pain. But faulty or worn out chairs can result in a fall and possible injury too. So take care before you sit!

A shredder presents obvious dangers – it’s designed to cut things into pieces! Taking care to avoid getting long hair, dangling jewellery or a dangling tie caught in the machine is essential.

Photo copier
A photo copier contains many unseen hazards – including dangerous chemicals inside, moving parts encountered while removing paper jams and even the glass surface of the copy plate itself (definitely not suitable for sitting on at a Christmas party; unless you want to spend it in A&E).

This is one office hazard that’s not hard to spot. The old rules apply. Never run with scissors and always hold the blades away from your body when carrying them and walking.

Heavy filing cabinets
While the paperless office is increasingly common, it’s still possible to find storage units being used for old files. These can become very heavy and overbalance, leading to crushing or worse.

Stapler/staple remover
Last but not least is the stapler and its cousin, the staple remover. With their springs, sharp bits and those jaggy little staples flying around, it’s no surprise, these two office tools need to be approached with caution. Otherwise, you could find yourself with a nasty hand or eye injury.