Some suggestions and opinion of the best places to visit whilst in Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw Poland is a the capital city, and whist in the 20 years since the fall of communism it has improved greatly, it cannot be described as a beautiful city. After have spent a lot of time in and around Warsaw over the years and I would like to give the unwary traveler some suggestions and my opinion of the best places to visit whilst in Warsaw.

 The best places to visit whilst in Warsaw, Poland

If the visit is part of a longer holiday, I would suggest not allocating too much time to visiting the city, it was during the communist era a big gray city, and it still is rather gray and depressing. The palace of culture dominates the main square, it is a large imposing structure donated by Stalin, after relieving Warsaw Poland of much of their coal and crops. Many people take the elevator to the top for a panoramic view of Warsaw. I would suggest crossing the road to the Marriott Hotel and take the lift to the panorama bar, there you can view Warsaw in more comfort and considerably higher that the palace of culture.

From there you can view Warsaw in more comfort and considerably
Whilst at the Marriott have an afternoon tea, they have some delicious cakes and pastries served in a very comfortable atmosphere. I would also recommend staying at the Marriott if you have the means. Largely foreign business people inevitably occupy the Marriott. However, in my opinion, it is by far the best hotel in Warsaw, unless you consider the Bristol, which in days past was fantastic, but now the cost vs. quality has diminished. The Marriott also has the best breakfast buffet of any hotel I have used, (and I have used many).
The old town, this is part of the city that has been rebuilt in the image of the area before the second world war, using the same materials. If you are the type of person that likes to sit in the sun, watching the world go by then this is the place, with one caveat, the world you will see will not be Polish it will be tourists like yourself. Nevertheless, the area is worth visiting as the rebuilding is very accurate using the same materials and colors as the original buildings. This is the most attractive part of Warsaw Poland

Regarding traveling around Warsaw Poland, I would suggest using taxi's, although not those on the rank, they normally fleece visitors, companies such as Halo Taxi are telephone only but are reliable and cheap. If the driver speaks English ask him to give you a tour for half and hour, this will cost around 50 zloty (15 to 20 US$), but give you a good insight of where to go. Do not tip anyone heavily just a bit of loose will do if you tip at all.

Warsaw - Poland. (Image by
Be careful of  beggars, particularly around the Central Station, they are very convincing, the beggars are usually either organized, particularly the ones with children or invalids, or looking for their next beer. Drugs are around but not as prevalent as most other European capitals and you are quite safe to walk around at night in the centre. The capital has been cleaned up considerably over the last few years, the underground walkways around the central station were at one time no-go areas but now contain many small quite interesting shops where you can buy clothes, bags and other items at low process.

I would suggest that as part of a trip to Poland two or three days in the city is easily sufficient, leaving more time to visit the more interesting locations

Presidential Place

Presidential Place, Warsaw - Poland

Nowy Swiat

Nowy Swiat, Warsaw - Poland:  well known exclusive shopping street

Shopping Mall Atruim

The recently opened shopping mall Atruim, Warsaw - Poland

The New Subway station.

The New Subway station at night, opened in 1995 it has 12.6 Km of rail and is well used by city dwellers