12 Ideas real and legitimate profitable business with little investment

We present 12 business ideas rentablescon little investment, real business and legitimate. If you put your mind you can make big money if or when these simple ideas and faster than you imagine. Many visitors to our site the are developing successfully in various parts of the world, and we recommend it as highly interesting projects for their excellent performance, low investment and easy to start.

Each time the number of people who want to start their own business is higher. As generally not enough money to begin large scale has, there is a great demand for profitable business ideas that can be started with little investment but can grow as time passes. So this collection will be interesting and will help you decide which business is best to undertake.

12 easy to start profitable businesses.

So we made a list of the most profitable ideas published on our website and require less investment.
12 Ideas profitable business with little investment

1 – web sites for microentrepreneurs

If you can not create major websites start by creating simple miniwebs or microsites for small businesses. Millions of micro entrepreneurs who are just starting their own businesses with tight budgets can not afford the expensive services of webmasters and web designers, so it is necessary that there are people that are dedicated to providing models of economic websites for this sector.

2 – Furniture TV LCD

These extraordinary furniture are sold, the demand is very high, as well as selling the same television. Who acquires an LCD or LED TV, want to buy a piece of furniture and adapted to this and not the typical table for old TVs In the video you’ll find on the following link will allow you to check the interest in this product. Interestingly, more precisely those that are sold they are so simple that anyone can assemble them at home and sell them. How to make and sell modules “L” as tables for TV.

3 – Bed Pet

The pet products are still the feeling of the moment. The trend is luxury homes or houses for small pets that seem decorative furniture inside the house. Demand is high and who know this type of boxes to their pets want them immediately.

4 – Business of personalized gifts

One of the businesses that are all the rage. Easy to start for someone who has knowledge of graphic design and computer skills. Thanks to new and increasingly cheap laser technologies, this work is simple and very profitable. If you have a creative mind and like to create unique and fun products have much success.

5 – Scanning invoices and documents for companies

You can start with a scanner and a laptop. Small, medium and large enterprises still need this service, and will continue to require for some time more. Investigate this profitable business and encourage to venture into.

6 – Business growing edible fungi

These species can be grown in very little space and in urban areas. There are simple ways to grow edible mushrooms in small spaces techniques, so anyone can do it in a house with large patio, or rent a warehouse in which to do so. The trend is gourmet mushrooms.

7 – Digital Photography. Earn money with your camera

With a good digital camera, learn how to handle applications such as Photoshop and a good dose of creativity and skill you can make money.

8 – Business massages and descontracturantes

For this business in great demand and very little investment just you need a portable stretcher and training. Who receives a session descontracturantes and relaxing massages, you’ll never forget. It is such a special experience, barely finished the session will be asking you turn to the next. Before long you’ll form a fixed customer base that allows you to live in peace in this profitable business.

9 – custom Stories for Children

Able to write a computer program image processing and creativity can serve to start this profitable business with little investment

10 – Business airbrushing

You only need the investment needed to buy a machine airbrush. Imagination and your distinctive touch is up to you.

11 – Breakfast at home

A small profitable business that can also begin at home with little money.

12 – Fabrica home furniture and sells melamine if or if

Now it’s super easy to manufacture furniture of melamine, is perhaps the best product to make from home, and sell them, but still, using groups sell Facebook, you can sell quickly just you start to offer them, a very safe and fast way start making money.

We hope these ideas profitable business with little investment motivate you to start your own micro-enterprise.Always remember that training and planning are very important elements to consider when starting any business.